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Who We Are

Your home is your castle, your sanctuary and pests of any kind are a threat to your kingdom. Napa Valley Pest Control is your comprehensive pest control service provider. Our technicians are licensed and certified to provide you with the best, most comprehensive pest control services available. Do you have young children? Pets? No need to fear, our products are 100% green? Hows that for peace of mind? With your busy life let us make it a little easier and show you what it is like to be treated as royalty!

Our Mission

A pest is a pest! No one enjoys waking up to a room crawling with ants, or walking into the bathroom to find a spider in their shower. Napa Valley Pest Control is founded on the ideal that a person is a person and that pests are a real problem that cause unnecessary anxiety for all. We believe in the one, in going above and beyond to ensure you have a warm comfortable home that is pest free!

What Do We Do?

Why have to worry about explaining your pest problem to us over the phone? Simply give us a call and we will send one of our great technicians out to your home for a free estimate. Once you settle on a price our technicians will schedule a time to came back again to show you exactly what we mean when we say comprehensive pest control services.

What Pests Do We Treat?

There are many pests in the world that specialize in wreaking havoc on your home. We know them all but here are a few we know REAL well:

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