The Ageless Battle

Your home is you castle, your sanctuary. It is your place a refuge, your shelter from the storm. Your home is one of the most important things in your life (well, outside of family, friends, a job, etc.). However, that home, your joy, your pride, is always under threat from foreign invaders that couldn’t care less about it.

In medieval times when a castle was under attack, knights were called to action, barriers were created, defenses raised; all with the single goal in mind of “protection of all that is held dear.” Though this was hundreds of years ago a similar struggle is present today, this battle seems to be one doomed to repeat itself time and time again. However, in today’s society, this battle takes a different shape and form, the enemy is different but the goal is still the same “protect all that is held dear!”

So, what am I getting at? What is this foe? The answer to this question is actually quite simple. Unlike medieval times where invaders were warlords, barbarians, and other kings; our enemy today is pests! Pests such as: rodents, ants, roaches, termites. These little barbarians have one goal in mind: “invade your home, invade your privacy, and capture your home as their own.”

So, what can be done to combat these fearsome foes? What are some defenses you can raise to protect your home from these invaders? In this blog post I will provide some simple DIY pest prevention tips that should help ease your mind a bit, and prepare you for the battle ahead!


Enemy: Rodents

Description: Furry Beasts filled with death

Rodents (rats and mice) are furry beasts that carry highly contagious diseases. These little guys are quietly literally wolves in sheep’s clothing. To make matters worse they can fit into holes that are as small as ¼ inch! So how do you fight back against these guys?

First, eliminate all openings ¼ inch and larger. You can do this by sealing food containers tight, and by using steel and caulking compound to seal entry ways. By sealing up these entry ways even the smallest mice can’t fit through, and you can sleep soundly knowing that there is no way a rodent with any thought of invading your home could succeed in doing so.

Second, use traps and baits. Now this is easier said then done. Rodents, by nature are shy creatures, highly aware and alert of their surroundings. They will notice right away if something is fishy or off. With this in mind you want to set several traps along their travel routes, but do not arm them. Rodents need to become acclimated to the new object before they will be comfortable with it, and if you set a trap up immediately, they will see right through your charade.

Third, practice good hygiene. Rats are inherently attracted to poorly sanitized places, that’s why they can be found most often in sewers. By making sure to clean up the house on a regular basis, and removing food sources, these little guys won’t even think of trying to invade your space.


Enemy: Ants

Description: The most common threat

Ants are tiny insects determined to make your life miserable. They have no respect for boundaries! They simply find something they want (like a burger) and swarm it! All with the goal of claiming it as their own. They certainly know how to be a “pest” and though they may not be the scariest group around, they are definitely the most annoying!

So how can you prevent these nasty buggers from invading your home? First, locate their entry point and seal it up! You can use caulk or some other type of seal to block off their entry. Think of it as sealing up that secret passageway that you never knew existed! This step is simple but absolutely crucial, without it, they will simply keep coming back!

Second, remove the pheromone trail left by prior ants. Ants leave pheromones to mark the path back to food sources. This enables ants to quickly find a good source of food, and until this pheromone can be removed they will keep trying to sneak their way back into your home. How can you remove this pheromone? Detergent! Who doesn’t have detergent around their home? Or at the least access to some? This is a very common household item that does not merely clean your laundry, but helps remove unwanted pests!

Third, after sealing the entry point and removing the pheromone trail, all that is left is to remove the remaining invaders! This is done quite simply through the use of insecticides and baits that can be purchased almost everywhere! These powerful tools will give you the edge in the battle for survival as they can either kill the pest on contact, or will poison their entire colony. Talk about a weapon of mass destruction!


Enemy: Roaches

Description: Things of Nightmare

Roaches are ugly things! They are definitely the “troll” or “ogre” of the invaders! These nasty buggers also have a knack for simply not dying! Not to mention they like cool, dark, and damp places. Despite their ugly appearances, these beasts are relatively easy to kill.

First, caulk and fill entry points. These places can range from closet corners, under the sink and fridge, to cabinets. Once you fill these places, you will have taken a critical step in preventing these pest from even thinking of entering your home

Second, use bait stations to poison them, and glue strips to capture them. These defenses are the equivalent of setting a trap to ensnare your enemies and then watching them burn. The glue strips prevent them from moving, eventually starving them; and the baits poison them, giving them the opportunity to infect other roaches as well. With this approach not only will you kill the invaders, but you will also kill their reinforcements.


Enemy Termites

Description: Sneaky Saboteurs

Termites are basically the insect equivalent to ninjas. These nasty pests sneak into your home undetected and then begin to sabotage all the materials that make your home safe and strong. These poor guys are also hard to kill outright and you oftentimes might find yourself having to call in a professional. However, there are still a few things you can do, before it reaches that point, to prevent them from ever thinking of invading your home. How can you do this?

First, spray the perimeter of your home with insecticide. This will dissuade any termites from ever approaching your home as they oftentimes will ingest the poison without even being aware of it! Talk about beating the ninjas with an even better ninja!

Second, use on contact killers such as other insecticides to kill them on contact. If you are weary enough and discover the beginnings of a termite infestation all hope is not lost! Using on-contact insecticides will remove the few initial scouts and fend off any potential invasions.

If you prefer a much-more subtle approach the use of baits can be your best friend. When a termite ingests the bait, it will become infected with poison, then when it returns to the nest and dies the other termites will consume the body of the dead termite and poison the whole colony! This approach is kind of morbid to think about, but is highly effective!



Obviously, there are many more pests that can be mentioned within this blog post but that will have to wait for another day. We do not want to overwhelm you with too much information in a day! Regardless, these few pests we have discussed today are some of the most common pests commonly encountered within our homes today. These suggestions are all confirmed by many industry leaders and are proven to be effective in protecting the home. Put them to use, see how they can best help you defend “all that you hold dear”.