Napa Valley Pest Control offers comprehensive pest removal and prevention services. Baiting, Trapping, Fumigation, Entry Patching & Perimeter Spraying, along with many other services. What do you need?

Are animals getting you down? We’ll make sure they stop bothering you, but we’ll do it as humanely as possible. Some animals come to your home or business because they find it pleasant and it satisfies their needs. What we do for these types of pests is trap them and release them into a better, wild environment. Some of the common animals that we trap include raccoons, squirrels, possums, ans skunks. Traps are more environmentally friendly without losing their effectiveness.


When pests are too deeply infested in an area, fumigation might become necessary to get rid of them all quickly. This helps to reset your structure to zero and begin the pest removal process from a better position. If the pests are overwhelming, it can be difficult to remove them without fumigating indoors. Some of the bugs that may need fumigation include fleas and bed bugs.


Perimeter Spraying
Despite the fact that bugs may be inside your home, treating the outside perimeter is usually the least stressful and best long-term solution. Bugs inside the home can be dealt with more easily if no other bugs can enter from outside. Perimeter spraying is best for regular household pests such as ants, spiders, and beetles. This service helps keep all kinds of pests where they’re supposed to be – outside!


Maintenance Treatment
If all you need is a regular check-up and maintenance pest control, we can help you keep things under wraps. Keeping up with regular maintenance is especially important for businesses, to keep your properties free of nasty critters and help let business continue on as usual. Some of the pest maintenance we conduct prevents certain bugs from living on your property.


If critters and bugs around your property are proving hard to catch, baiting is one of the best ways to help eliminate them. In Napa, CA there are a lot of creepy crawlies that might have to be handled with baits, especially roaches. Using the right baits will cause the bugs to slowly get rid of themselves as they take the bait back to their nest. We’ll inspect your property, find out what’s bothering you, and place the right baits to get the pest control process underway. Some of the baits that we use help exterminate ant populations in particular. Ants will pick up our baits and bring them back to their colonies and their ant hills where the queen and many other ants will eat it and die.


Inside Treatments
Spraying inside might be necessary for some routine maintenance, or if pests have infested anywhere inside your home or commercial property. We know just where to spray to get rid of all the unwanted pest guests around the place without impeding on your space too much.


Attic Clearance
If you’ve got critters in the attic, it can be difficult to remove them on your own. They can make a mess and hide in the most unexpected places. But, we know where to find them and how to get them to move out in a hurry and never come back! After we clear out the pests, we’ll help you clean up the mess they left behind. Some of the common critters that might get into your attic that we deal with include roof rats, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, spiders, ants, roaches, and other bugs.


Entry Patching
Roaches and rodents can get into your home through small cracks and holes. We’ll search around to entry points and patch them up to keep anything else from coming in the same way. Mice and rats in particular commonly chew up wood and wires to gain access to certain points of properties.

Know what you need?